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Pascal was born to a Jewish family in The Bronx, New York, but raised in Syosset, New York.Before his interest in music, he was a personal trainer. It was star fire, because of the time and the tragedy and the circumstances of the day. You know, that's a tricky question because we did a workshop before it went Off-Broadway… It's comical in retrospect, what a novelty it was to have gay people onstage being gay. I had a Catholic school skirt on, and my fishnets were ripped and I remember thinking, "Rip them even more before you go in." I think the ripped fishnets said something to them, because in the show, they became part of Mimi's costume. [From the very first script, Mimi Marquez was a junkie stripper with AIDS. And I was like, "Whoa, that's cool and exciting." It wasn't a typical part, not for a musical and not for a woman. The relationship between Mimi and Roger was galvanized because Adam and I were crazy about each other. Now 46, the Panama native has scored two Tony nominations, screen time with Robert De Niro and Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and a run as Fantine in Sometimes. But that's the responsibility when you're doing something good; when it ends you have to carry it forward, and that means 'keep telling the story.'We had to sing a rock song, not a musical theater song. When I started like screaming the part, "You don't have to turn on the red light! I'm gonna turn this shit out." And that attitude was the ignition switch for the entire character, I think.

This brings us to your current musical Without You, which is based on your memoir, Without You: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and the Musical 'Rent.' Tell us about it. The book itself was such an intense experience to write and was very fulfilling. I was late to my audition because I was coming from the memorial service for a friend, which I always thought in retrospect was this wild coincidence. He was just asking me for advice in this kind of junior high school way -- like how he should approach her and if I thought she had felt the same way. The weird thing for me looking back is that I have no memory of when the labels or the words "gay" or "lesbian," etc., entered my vocabulary. I was 14, and I started fooling around with a 17-year-old kid from my high school at a friend's house. So, from when she confronted me and was a little disturbed by what had happened -- and she wasn't disturbed from a moral point of view, but because she felt like he had taken advantage of me because he was a little older -- it was clear it wasn't all right.

For many '90s teens, Daphne Rubin-Vega was the ultimate It Girl—a Broadway star with the voice of a rock goddess, the clothes of a rave princess, and the moves of a Fly Girl. I'm just happy that it allowed people to express themselves to be who they were. we had two or three versions of the show, and we always knew it was special, but that would be a Broadway hit?

As the original Mimi Marquez in Rubin-Vega was a high priestess of grunge glitter, an artist who gave female fans permission to be strong, sexy, and a little bit reckless.

Although he began as a rock musician playing in a number of bands (such as Mute) formed with his schoolmates, Pascal became drawn to the musical theater.

A friend of his former high school, who at the time was dating fellow Syosset graduate Idina Menzel, mentioned Rent to him.