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In a report on ‘emerging threats’, the watchdog said they were building friendships with the youngsters, before initiating ‘sexually exploitative acts’ such as persuading them to take revealing pictures of themselves.

Some of the paedophiles set up profiles pretending to be much younger than they are to lure girls into a false sense of security.

And because Facebook does not properly verify the age of youngsters who join up, it means that pre-teens with pages on the site could be at risk of being groomed.

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Another quite fun extra is you have your own little page with your own pictures and status’, and can find and talk to people in the vicinity (after checking out their pictures…!

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But is that really a solution, or is it just stating the end goal? The trick lies in figuring out how to reach that goal.

Forget Bikram yoga and pilates, there's a new fitness craze in town: pelvic floor fitness.

A lack of targeted exercise can weaken the pelvic floor (along with pregnancy and childbirth), meaning simple things like sneezing or laughing can cause little leaks - and let's face it, no one wants that.

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The average American spends eight hours a month on Facebook, up from nearly six hours per month back in August 2010.