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It was Sasha's role as a correspondent for Inside Edition at The 2006 Academy Awards which led to her getting her film role in Blades of Glory.
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"2 days of filming this week and then we go on our way,” posted Beemer on Twitter. She'll play a key role in Steve being cleared of all charges regarding Ava's death.

As her career opportunities open up again after years of domestic purdah, now that her younger child, Freddie, is in his A-level year, the dark horse of the Fox clan is enjoying the freedom of a canter down memory lane to what sounds suspiciously like a racy youth."It's such fun having a communal dressing-room with the younger actresses and being a matriarch figure, although I can usually tell them a worse story than any they tell me," she confides, a gleam of mischief in her treacle-brown eyes.

"Yes, it's absolutely true that I used to wear appalling mini-skirts up to my knicker-line and lots of black eyeliner in the Sixties; what a time that was..."But then, in 1971, she met Edward Fox when they appeared in The Rivals together at Chichester. As long as you're alive and well, you have to be open to everything around you," Joanna says of that period, "although I don't approve of going around hurting any human being deliberately."The result was two children – Emilia, now 32, and Freddie, 17 – and one of the longest-enduring unmarried unions in showbusiness, which she and Edward rather unexpectedly sealed with a hurried wedding in July 2004 at St George's Church in Hanover Square, London.

Fox, 10 years her senior, happened to be living with Eileen Atkins. Until then, Edward had always made it clear he didn't want to walk down the aisle again after the collapse of his first marriage to the actress Tracy Reed, who left him for someone else.

The ceremony was so low-key that one gossip column alleged that Joanna's stepdaughter Lucy, now Viscountess Gormanston – Edward's 44-year-old daughter by Tracy – had been left off the guestlist.