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It was the first cop-out spin-off of the iconic originals and it’s few connections to the other films are the lead being the brother of Seann William Scott’s dickhead Stifler character and Jim’s Dad popping up in a supporting role that doesn’t quite make too much sense.The flaws are still there, which I shall detail below, but there were a few surprising high notes to Band Camp that made me actually enjoy re-watching it. In the original films, Stifler was a bad character.

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A spin-off from the successful AMERICAN PIE film trilogy (AMERICAN PIE, AMERICAN PIE II, AMERICAN WEDDING), AMERICAN PIE PRESENTS: BAND CAMP meets up with Matt, the younger brother of Steve Stiffler (Seann William Scott), the stand-out jerk from the first three films.

In this installment, Matt receives the punishment of being sent to the notorious band camp, made famous by Alyson Hannigan's character in the first AMERICAN PIE.

Still, everyone knows him as Stifler's brother, and that gets him into trouble.

When he is implicated in a gross-out prank involving band instruments, Matt faces the wrath of the principal, who's still fuming from Steve's antics.