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His team long ago replaced email with a chat app that plugged in to all their favorite services like Twitter, Git Hub, and Dropbox.

It worked so well that, when Butterfield’s game In the six months since launch, Slack, as the app’s called, has been growing at a breakneck pace.

But I do prefer talking one-on-one as opposed to group settings, which is what Slack has basically become.Over 125,000 people use the app every day, among them 13,000 teams at companies as large as e Bay, Sony, Yelp, and NBCUniversal.Active user numbers are expected to double by year end, but more importantly, engagement is off the charts, with users spending nearly 10 hours logged in to the app every day.Plus I've always thought it was ironic that open offices are meant to spur discussion, but employees usually end up talking online so as not to disturb others.It was a ripe time to explore this since the merits of open-office plans are a hot topic. I also felt that my team would lose out on stories and traffic. Basically, I have a nihilist view on this experiment already.We can’t say [how many have left email entirely] with any precision, but we get lots of tweets saying [a person’s] individual email volumes have been reduced by x percent. We’ve definitely seen tweets saying "We’ve stopped completely." This is the app you have open all day everyday alongside what your task is.