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Two years ago, the profile of a 10-year-old Filipino girl called Sweetie appeared online.

In less than two months, the little girl was contacted by more 20,000 predators from all over the world who wanted her to perform sexual acts over a webcam in exchange for money.

Amazingly, sometimes the children are taken without their parents knowing but sometimes it's actually the parents who are selling their children off for easy money.

The attitude, says leading Filipino journalist Ana Santos, is "they're going to get f**ed anyway, they might as well get f**ked for money." While we all know that desperation can sometimes cause people to do inhumane things, some of the cases in this film are impossible to comprehend.

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With poverty still rife in much of the country, many young women view cyber sex as an “easy” option.The next day the cerebral fluid had built up so much that they had to fit an emergency drain to release the pressure and help to clear some of the blood out and off of her brain.Plug the Hauppauge AV adapter into the AV input on the back of the HD PVR.Poverty-struck children, some as young as five, are forced to perform on webcams or are trafficked into cyber-sex dens.This year, 139 Brits alone have already been investigated for paying to watch children being abused and local charities and police are on the hunt for predators as the industry booms.If input is correct, try changing input resolution of source to hdpvr.