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Dating a non practicing muslim

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From the beginning it has been clear that there are obstacles to our being together and we kept it very casual and light, but in the past few months we have become much, much closer and he expressed his love for me, and now I have allowed myself to love him very dearly also.

However, what just happened a couple hours ago brought our true situation very present to me.

The issue is whether we believe in what Allah has sent down in totality, and whether our lack of fulfillment of anything we have been commanded by Allah is due to our lack of belief in those things.

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On paper that all sounds really nice and altruistic but let’s not pretend that that is the reason you are dating a non-Muslim.

If he persists in that after being taught, then he is an apostate who is beyond the pale of Islam.

2 – Those who commit some sins that are not regarded as kufr or shirk, such as adultery or drinking wine, without regarding that as being permissible.

So this is a pretty common thing nowadays with Muslims and dating.

It used to just be in areas where there wasn’t a big population of Muslims and kids just lost their way but now even in bigger Muslim communities you see Muslims and non-Muslims dating.