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I had a minor freak out inside but was able to do my job.”Isn’t it a bit embarrassing to get naked on set, though? Irene Adler does not have a problem with nudity or her sexuality. “Benedict said: ‘Lara you can really go for me if you want’, so I did.”So did she leave marks? “Well, he didn’t tell me there were, but maybe he was trying to be a man.”Sparring with Cumberbatch has definitely put her in demand: “It was really hard to pick [my] next projects because when you’ve had a gift like that, where do you go?

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The purpose of this page, is to help kids to see, that the Bible isn't some big boring book, filled with a bunch of difficult words.

What the Bible is instead, is a terrific Book, that doesn't fail, when it comes to taking you on an awesome journey; which is a journey that's filled with exciting Bible Characters, adventure, mystery and suspense.

Many finds have previously been uncovered at the site, from a range of different periods At the time, archaeologists identified the site as a storehouse, run by high-ranking officials, for Jerusalem's grain supplies.

The current excavations have revealed evidence that offers a new aspect to understanding the site.

It would seem in these vacuums of authority a certain type of lawlessness developed in ancient Israel.

The event in question echoes similar events found in the book of Genesis involving Sodom and Gomorrah.

They were a thorn in Israel's side even before the Monarchy under Saul and David.

In the days prior to Israel's kings, if there was no Judge then there was no law, as a central authority had yet to develop in ancient Israel.

Ezra and Nehemiah are our only narrative source for the history of the restoration, 538 to 430 B. Though the situations we face are quite different from those encountered by the postexilic community, both Ezra and Nehemiah provide many examples of hard work coupled with prayer and an unshakable faith in God as a formula for successful problem solving that is as relevant today as it was then.

Ezra is the fifteenth book of the Old Testament, coming immediately after 2 Chronicles and before Nehemiah.