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The Sais Dynasty revered the memory of their forebears and the previous Kushite period was actually the starting point of the "Sais renaissance".However, the new rulers revived the Theban art of the Middle and New kingdoms.), a memento mori depicting a skeleton with its left arm raised and its hand holding its heart.The work was commissioned from the artist by the wife of René de Châlons, who wanted a reminder of her husband four years after his death. The town is in the south-west of Meuse and is its “county town”.As its name indicates, it was once the capital of the Duchy of Bar and it is filled with fantastic buildings and historic features that take you on a journey back through time.Download our Bar-le-Duc heritage walk and enjoy a tour lasting more than an hour through one of the most beautiful Renaissance districts in Lorraine.

When Italian artists began to learn the practices of oil painting from artists in Netherland in the later part of the 1400s, it resulted in a global adoption of the medium.

A kind of "renaissance" attitude is thus deeply rooted in the 3,000-year-long history of ancient Egypt. C./25th and 26th dynasties), which was a new – and the last – golden age that followed some 400 years of political and economic hardship after the end of the New Kingdom.

The title of the exhibition denotes a brief yet all the more exciting period of the middle of the first millennium B. Research dates the beginning of this new era from the rule of the 25th Dynasty, originating from Nubia (modern day Sudan, the territory of ancient Kush), which conquered and united Egypt at the end of the 8th century B. The power of the pharaohs in this era was clearly legitimised by their identification with the past, thus increasingly archaising trends can be seen in many areas of culture at this time.

With oil painting, some of the most iconic artists in Florence began to improve the quality of their work since it had unique abilities to add more emotion and personality to the piece.

Sculpture aside, the oil painting allowed artists to create a far more natural and lifelike painting which is why so many of these paintings are considered masterpieces in the fine art community today.