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All services we can see in UIBackground Modes array: location – The app provides location-based information to the user and requires the use of the standard location services (as opposed to the significant change location service) to implement this feature. Apps with this key are automatically launched after system boot so that the app can reestablish Vo IP services.Apps with this key are also allowed to play background audio.Often we need to know the location of the specified interval.i OS has several options how to correctly run the application in the background. We’ll use the one that your application will use and which we need.Now that we have to explicitly ask for the user’s permission, we also need to decide what kind of permission do we actually need so that we don’t ask for unnecessary permissions.As you probably already noticed, the keys and method names, give a pretty clear idea on should be the one or the other used.I tried / considered following options: If you are trying to make it work on i OS 7, you may try this solution here:…

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as Rob points out "When you first start location services, you may see it called multiple times".the code below acts on the first location, and ignores the updated locations for first 120 is one way to address orginal question "How to stop multiple times method calling of did Update Locations". When you instantiate your locations Manager set flag = true then when location Manager:did Update Locations returns inside a code block that you want to run only once set flag = false. location Manager.start Updating Location() fetch location continuously and did Update Locations method calls several times, Just set the value for location Manager.distance Filter value before calling location Manager.start Updating Location().The two keys are NSLocation When In Use Usage Description and NSLocation Always Usage Description, you will then need to add a String that explains to the user why does the app needs to access his location, something among the lines of “This app uses location in the background/foreground because of A, B and C”.Each of these Strings has a corresponding authorization method that needs to be called, When In Use or Alway (i.e. *Note: adding the keys without explicitly asking for authorization fails as well Here are the corresponding methods: *Note: Don’t forget to add the key in the app’s .plist and to give it a string, otherwise the authorization UIAlert View won’t show and the process won’t start.To stop standard location updates, call the Important By default, standard location updates on i OS devices run with an accuracy level of best.