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'Defining Moments’ By Isobel Harwood Winner, age 10-13 category 'Where art thou, Lady Guinevere? He was surrounded by a group of smirking teens, shooting names and sarcastic arrows. By Year 2 we had been champions of the Wild West, Leonardo da Vinci’s apprentices and soldiers of the First World War. Once the train leaves the tunnel, I gaze out of the window as the countryside whizzes past. Flowers of all kinds are growing in the beautiful meadows, but my thoughts turn to my Mummy back at home.

I closed my eyes and listened to him as he became my talking history book, transporting us to another time and place. My bag is bulging with all the letters she has written to me and Oscar, but I am worried. I try to shake the thought from my mind but I can’t.

Some of whom might not even have written a story before, some of whom might not think writing, or reading, is for them. I sighed nervously, ragged breaths following, my second week of high school about to implode! When we weren’t playing Moon Landings we were building teleporters – only his were always a bit more elaborate than mine, real wires connecting, lighting up. When we started school, it was fine, but as we got older, some of the kids thought Peter was a bit strange. I know that many of the houses have been bombed and some whole streets have been destroyed. Thoughts are spinning round in my mind and I can hardly hear the train whistling. “Everything’s going to be all right.” I don’t know this for sure but it makes Oscar feel better. The train is in a tunnel and I can’t help shivering.

And it’s about all the kids who will now go to the 500 WORDS website (see below) to watch our Tips Videos or read our Top Stories, and who might start thinking reading and writing might just be for them after all. As I turned, I saw Peter, missing his old knight costume, but beautifully improvised with a paper crown and branch sword. My cereal boxes and three inches of Sellotape security never quite matched up! Peter was the most fun ever, knowing everything about everything – really! He didn’t like me to move things in his room, not from their places, their carefully catalogued places. They didn’t understand him like I did; they didn’t take the time. Oscar snuggles up to me and I know he is scared too, but probably in a different way. I’m not shivering because it’s dark; I’m shivering because I feel anxious.

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She previous working for all five stations whilst they were under the ownership of Tindle Radio, which she joined from Capital Gold, having also worked for Archant.

Programmes outside these times are shared with all Anglian Radio stations.

From 27 February 2017, all programming is shared with Town 102 using the same playout and announcer but with station unique idents.

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