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"We certainly didn't pitch a reality show, but we were like, 'Why not?'" The 10 employees featured in the show, including Huh's wife, Emily, each volunteered to be on camera., and just a small subset of the company's 90 total employees.It's a place you'd like to be--a place where memes are made. Huh is the founder and CEO of Cheezburger, the company behind 50 online comedy sites (which garner 20 million monthly page views), including the hyper-popular I Can Has Cheezburger and FAIL Blog.It's "the office where all they do is stare at screens of cats." According to Ben Huh, one of the stars of the new reality show , that description is not so far off. Now, with the premiere of his new show Wednesday at 11 p.m., Huh is letting viewers inside the company's Seattle-based headquarters to show America, as Huh tells, "how the Internet is made." Originally, Huh's agent pitched producers a show based on FAIL Blog, a site his company runs that's comprised of crowdsourced pictures and videos of people "failing" at stuff.

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Wacky captions that sometimes didn't fit the photo but were funny anyway. My favorite was a series of photos of different cats all doing invisible things - invisible pickle jar opening, invisible pomel horse rider, invisible shopping cart pushing, but the best was invisible pulling of Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade balloon!

Then, depending on response, we’ll use the better one on the blog.

It’s really hard to predict what users want, and You Tube has been a great place for us to get a sense of that.

And when the ICHC network began incorporating videos via You Tube, the results were epic win for them and audiences alike. New Tee Vee: Which you are now launching as a Partner account… But our first priority is understanding what kind of product our users are looking for, because for this model it’s slightly different — the videos are user-sourced but they’re edited by us.

Last week, I spoke with “Chief Cheezburger” Ben Huh about catching up with the cat video frenzy, using the You Tube community as a focus group, and how you re-edit an adorable cat video to make it even cuter. [show=failblog] New Tee Vee: So how long have you been actively using the cheezburger You Tube account? And you can see the progression of how we think on the channel, because sometimes we’ll do one edit and see how it plays with the You Tube crowd, and then we’ll do another edit that we think is better.