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Confirmation emphasizes how little Hill wanted to be involved in corroborating the whispers of sexual impropriety that surrounded Thomas as he prepared to assume the SCOTUS seat vacated by Justice Thurgood Marshall. Someone asked what happened to her, so she told them, right down to the pubic hair on the can of Coke and the graphic descriptions of bestiality porn.

Confirmation follows the template established by HBO Films’ previous political post-mortems, including Recount and Game Change.

The film isn’t especially interested in examining the truth of Hill’s claims—though it unequivocally lands on her side—as much as the way politicians craft narratives to suit their own ends with little regard for the collateral damage.

Then-senator Joe Biden (Greg Kinnear) chaired the Judiciary Committee during the Thomas confirmation hearing, and he comes across as a weak-willed pragmatist, greasing the wheels behind the scenes so the Democrats can appear to have vetted Thomas without actually doing so.

Southeastern University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award associate, baccalaureate, masters, and doctorate degrees.

However, there are more than five chapel services each week, in addition to the 10 Connect Group meetings each semester that count toward your chapel requirement.

The ability to recognize kin has important potential fitness benefits in a variety of social contexts including parent-offspring recognition, inbreeding avoidance and cooperative breeding.

While animals may recognize familiar individuals encountered during early development, using prior association during a sensitive period as a proxy for relatedness, many animals are able to recognize relatives regardless of prior familiarity.

Hill insisted that Thomas had repeatedly subjected her to sexual overtures and lewd comments when she worked for him at the Department Of Education, then later at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Hill is the definition of the reluctant hero, a refugee from the D. political world who spent enough time there to know the consequences of radical honesty, especially when a powerful man’s conduct is the subject at hand.