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In the Philippines, Kenya and Mexico, Mystic ‘only’ records the metadata (who called who, when the call happened, for how long and the location of the call if it was made on a mobile). GCHQ targeted Belgacom, Belgium's largest telecommunications provider, with spyware called Regin, a malicious piece of software designed to break into Belgaom’s networks. It has 400 mobile network operator partners with 700 million subscribers. For example, Google’s gmail service had 425 million active users worldwide in June 2012. Nosey Smurf is a “hot mic” feature that turns on the microphone on a phone to listen in to conversations going on around it. The NSA and GCHQ directly intercept cables connected to the US (through Upstream) and the UK (Tempora).

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Protective parents these days think the only way to ensure their children’s security is to monitor them 24 hours a day, whether it be with GPS-enabled mobile phone apps or security cams throughout the house.Imagine the horror then when one Houston, Texas mom found out the very security camera she installed in her young, two daughters’ bedroom for their imagined safety had been hacked and was actually live-streaming their every movement for every potential pervert to see on the world wide web.If Bao Bao is still around, there's a chance Mei won't breed.It's nature's explanation for why mother and cub must separate, but the finality is challenging for human emotions."The world changes when you are a parent and you see things differently.The zoo says the early signs of separation were obvious. From her earliest days, we've watched Bao Bao learn to crawl, get checkups and play outside with the occasional tumble.The video of her first snow day has more than 5 million hits on You Tube."We've noticed that Bao Bao is definitely more independent and she's been more independent since the day she was born.And it's actually great because the weaning process is going so quickly, so simply," Smith said. It's breeding season for pandas and Mei Xiang will only be fertile one to two days.

Questions and comments that are unrelated to the DC Eagle Cam or Eagles or that are profane/inappropriate/political/religious/silly will not be released into Chatroll and will only make it harder on our moderators to run a successful LIVE Q & A Session.Fortunately Shelby Ivie, a concerned mom from Oregon, found the livestream on the free app Live Camera Viewer, while looking for satellite images of Earth with her son.Ivie knew something wasn’t right and set up a Facebook group to try to find the family whose most private moments were being streamed across the Internet.The 18-month-old panda cub Bao Bao is leaving her mother Mei Xiang to live on her own.It may be hard for us humans -- especially mothers -- to understand, but that's how it happens in the wild, and so the zoo is following nature, reports CBS News correspondent Jan Crawford.The mother, Jennifer, who asked that her last name not to used, told ABC News, "I feel like I've failed.