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Costa Rica is a tax haven with an orthodox economic policy which has overseen sustained growth for decades and turned the country into a leading retirement and tourist destination.

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The American Knife and Tool Institute (AKTI) is the trade group for the production knife industry.

While not all of the industry stalwarts are members, a significant number are.

I have spent more time covering Knife Rights, which through grass-roots advocacy has been leading the charge for knife-law reform in America.

Children are a source of constant entertainment – often totally unintentionally.

As I said, there is a whole-lot of random in this apparently random crime.From A 29-year-old man was slashed to death in the parking lot of Torchy’s Tacos in downtown Denver, Colorado at AM on Tuesday morning.Witnesses referred to the suspect as a man in “white, clown-type makeup with black streaks on his face,” according to a report by the Denver Police.Remembering that these shows are purely made for our entertainment, we have to agree that they are fun to watch and keep us entertained on these chilly weekend evenings but what about the other influences they have?There seems to be two key styles when it comes to dating shows, either: the participants are shown together without any influence from an audience/presenter, in a documentary style, or there is a presenter to ignite the spark between the two soon-to-be flames and we then follow the couple as they go on their date and see if it’s a thumb up or thumbs down.The contestants then jet set off to the Island of Fernandos and take part in a day-long date which includes an activity and dinner. They have applications from various people come in to the show and they will then determine which people would be a good match based on their answers to the questionnaire.