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"It has just been such a special experience that is really hard to put into words," he told Us at his premiere in NYC on Dec. He's just beautiful." PHOTOS: Hollywood's new star dads "He's sweet. If a political film is not your alley, then go see to see James Franco swimming in a pool naked. Out in theaters next Wednesday, November 26 (just before Thanksgiving). Hirsch followed up by co-starring opposite Penn in "Milk" (2008), Gus Van Sant's Oscar-winning biopic about slain San Francisco politician and openly gay activist, Harvey Milk.He took a few steps back with a starring role in the critical and commercial flop "Speed Racer" (2008), and was virtually off the map in little-seen films like "Taking Woodstock" (2009) and "The Darkest Hour" (2011).

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He does show off the unbridled enthusiasm that's marked his past films, but the actor also embraces the chance to tap into a more serious side, not to mention passionate, as he has several pretty hot scenes with Cruz.

They're really different personalities and they're both big outgoing personalities.

They would constantly be discussing scenes and character motivations, and story.

We talked with the 28-year-old star about his connection with one of the most famous actresses in the world and ended up wondering who would win a between Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West, go figure. Emile Hirsch: I felt like that was a big benefit for me because they were all so tight-knit and they weren't tight-knit to my exclusion, they just tried to knit me into their own tightness.

Zimbio: How daunting was it to get on the set with what's kind of a film family with (director) Sergio Castellitto, his wife (writer) Margaret Mazzantini, and Penélope Cruz. We were all instantly a new family, you know, it was a new addition to the family.