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It's basically about the people behind the scenes at Woodstock (we never see anyone famous, aside from certain semi-figures like Michael Lang and Max Yasgur, portrayed by actors), specifically the young guy Eliot who got together the Woodstock-financial people to his small town as part of Bethel, New York, and helped also to give (politely putting it) a boost to his parents' motel business.

We see some of the ups and downs, the downs being things like gangsters trying to muscle their way into the earnings of the thousands of people flocking upstate to frequent the motel (and the up of getting 'security' with transvestite Liev Schreiber in an awesome performance), or just with Elliot's parents and how their attitudes stay mostly the same- what's with these damn kids and their hair and sex and drugs anyway- until towards the end of the three days of peace/love/music.

As if that isn't enough excitement for one county, Ogemaw has an active "middle zone" play in the Amherstburg Formation, which started within the last three years, and lots of acreage available for rank wildcatting.

One key force in the County has been the presence of Marathon Oil Company, which came into Ogemaw in 1941 as part of a purchase deal from Alvin C.

Clever writers can cause viewers quite a bit of tension and suspense this way, since we know the good turn can't last and that will inevitably come to take it away.

Hacks will merely cause viewers to bash in a new window and abandon a series in frustration. Frequently seen when How We Got Here and In Medias Res are used. Compare Like You Would Really Do It for the "positive" version, and Shoot the Shaggy Dog for the "negative" version.

The writer Schamus knows how to milk some laughs out of small-town fears and those scenes of freak-outs that shake up the quiet veneer of rural upstate New York.One good example of this are the folks in the 'theater troupe' who live in Elliot's barn and who remind one of the mime troupe from Easy Rider (lots of naked reenactments of Chekhov).And I even liked how Martin navigates himself in scenes where he has to act perplexed but not show it too much like, "oh, hey, lots of hippies, OK, got to get back to work, whoa!It's pricipal has been involved in combating online fraud since 1991.Romance Scams Now is privately funded by donations from Perfect Reputations® The RSN website and all of our publications (including social media) are maintained by our own staff to provide the most up to date information about active scammers from around the world available anywhere.Disclaimer: This is not intended for the guy who wants a one-night stand.