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Right now, Eevie's goal topic is taking off her dress, and most of the tips coming in are for her topic of drinking wine.
I thought of that and yes some looked like they were borderline male models, but not all of them.

Jews of color dating

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They are African-Americans and Orthodox Jews, a rare cross-cultural hybrid that seems quintessentially Brooklyn, but received little notice until last week, after Yoseph Robinson, a Jamaican-born convert, was killed during a robbery attempt at the kosher liquor store where he worked.At his funeral and in interviews afterward, a portrait emerged of a small, insular but energized community that is proud but underpinned by a constant tug of race and religiosity. I find it interesting that no one has ever said, “It’s funny, you don’t look Black.” The fact of the matter is I am both Black and Jewish (or Jewish and Black). When people meet me, the most common comment I hear is that I am nothing like they imagined, which leaves me wondering: What exactly do people see when they see me? I am often surprised by the number of people that feel compelled to ask me if I am Jewish, as if it isn’t obvious from my .

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Shais Rishon and Y-Love In yeshivas, they are sometimes taunted as “monkeys” or with the Yiddish epithet for blacks.

At just about the time the second revolt ended with the defeat of the Jews, the Romans made Jerusalem into a Roman colony and renamed the city Aelia Capitolina.

An authoritative work by Anton Felton on one of the Judaic arts scarcely touched on in histories.