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The Sultanate of Kashmir was a creation of a Muslim adventurer from Swat by the name of Shah Mir.

He came to Kashmir and rose to the position of minister in the court of the ruling Hindu king.

Page and Plant released a longer, live version, recorded with an Egyptian/Moroccan orchestra, on No Quarter: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Unledded (1994) and continued to perform the song with an orchestra on their 1995 tour.

that Page had first recorded in his home studio, using the same guitar tuning (DADGAD) as he used for "Black Mountain Side", "White Summer" and the unreleased "Swan-song".

Plant later added lyrics and a middle section and, in early 1974, Jones added orchestration.

Page and Plant had previously travelled to Bombay in 1972 and worked with various Indian musicians, gaining production ideas from recording sessions of "Four Sticks" and "Friends".

Pakistan claims Jammu and Kashmir based on its majority Muslim population, whereas China claims the Shaksam Valley and Aksai Chin.Prominent psychiatrist Dr Arshad Hussain, who led the team of researchers, opines that “modern marriages come with a lot of challenges and are increasingly being perceived as stressful relationships quite contrary what was taught.”Dr Hussain mentions: “Previously in psychiatry, we were taught that marriages are a great support and the bonding of love promotes positive mental health.But what currently happens is women are forced to play multiple roles post marriage.The song became a concert staple, performed by the band at almost every concert after its release.The song has been described as one of Led Zeppelin's two most overtly progressive epics.India's claims are contested by Pakistan, which administers approximately 37% of Jammu and Kashmir, namely Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan.