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Try going into a bar on your own for an entire evening and tell me you don't think people consider you a bit of a weirdo.
Then, try out the different online dating sites listed below, broken down by long term dating and meet up type, and see which one best suits your dating goals.

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Sorry, fellas, my dedication to journalistic research has its limits.What follows is a catalogue of gay hook-up apps with the advantages and disadvantages discovered during my time as a cyber-whore and ranked on a scale of one to five “hooks.” (Because I’m being paid for this story, I think I’ve been downgraded from mere slut.) But the upside, I met a lot of nice people (guys and girls, when I was pretending to be a lesbian) and these apps do make connecting with people fun, easy … If you’re looking to connect with someone for just coffee or the chance at a delicious morning-after breakfast, download these apps. And to Muscl Muscl Muscl214, if you’re reading this, my answer is “yes.” Grindr is the Kleenex of gay social networking apps — the one everyone knows about and nearly every gay with an i Phone uses, whether he admits it or not.As an affirmative therapist, I take into account all of the different explanations as to why finding a partner can feel like a tireless, endless search.

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In fact, if a couple is attending couples therapy and it is discovered that either partner is abusing drugs or alcohol, couples therapy must immediately be stopped and resumed when the partner has seized the substance abuse and receives adequate ongoing treatment (through AA, Al Anon, rehabilitation, etc.).Beyond useless unless you only want to date guys or gals who are at least 86 percent hot.Rating: 2 out of 5 hooks Everything I love about Grindr is amped up with Qrushr, plus they’ve got a version just for lesbians.Afterwards, if there’s interest (“2nd date, ” “friendship, ” or “business”), you’ll get an email with links to contact those participants who indicated the same level of interest.There’s no pressure, no rejection, no embarrassment and no games The majority of our participants are busy professionals–successful women who value their time. Tip #4: If you like her, try to stand out and differentiate yourself from the others in a positive way. The app loads 100 profiles (200 if you pay a monthly fee) based on a guy’s relative distance to you. Rating: 4 out of 5 hooks Though more people familiar with Grindr, Purpll was the first gay dating app for the i Phone. Advantages: Ability to narrow down photos that are shown; lesbian profiles.