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Mitch has spent long hours studying Horrigan, and he taunts Horrigan, telling him of his plans to kill the President.

Leary plans to kill the president because Leary feels betrayed by the government -- Leary was removed from the CIA, and the CIA is now trying to have him killed.

This on-line color vision test consists of four cards from the popular color vision test "Color Vision Testing Made Easy".

Try and find a circle, star, and/or a square on the Demonstration Card, Card # 1, and Card #2.

Frank Horrigan is a secret service agent who keeps thinking back to November 22, 1963, when, as a hand-picked agent by President Kennedy, he became one of the few agents to have lost a President to an assassin when Kennedy died.

Now, former CIA assassin Mitch Leary is stalking the current President, who is running for re-election.

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Like his director Wolfgang Petersen on this film, Clint Eastwood went on to direct and star in a film about the American President called Absolute Power (1997). Clint Eastwood is great as usual, and the character he plays is interesting and more fleshed out than usual.Try and find a dog, boat, balloon or car on Card # 3.You only have Due to the fact there are so many different monitor screens displaying different colors, the accuracy of this "on-line" version of "Color Vision Testing Made Easy" is limited.You can order the book "Color Vision Testing Made Easy" by clicking on the below picture.Please let the distributor know you were referred by Dr. Click here if you want to continue testing for colorblindness by taking another popular color vision test like this one called the Pseudoisochromatic Plate Ishihara Compatible (PIPIC) Color Vision Test 24 Plate Edition. 'In the Line of Fire' is one of those Hollywood films that shows up on tv quite a bit, but although I've seen it a few times, I usually end up sitting through the whole thing again. The character, Secret Service agent Frank Horrigan, is haunted by the fact that he was on the detail that failed to protect President Kennedy in Dallas, and now he's forced to match wits with a professional assassin that is openly declaring that he will kill the president.