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It's possible that she's completely oblivious of the dangers lurking there.

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Although Humphries freely states that Edna is a character he plays, Edna refers to Humphries as her "entrepreneur" or manager.

Humphries and his staff of assistants and writers only refer to Edna as "she" and "her", never mixing the character with Humphries himself.

Kavovit, who runs a company of "women-friendly tools and tool kits," says in papers she did not know a star of the show, Carole Radziwill, was wearing a live microphone as they spoke on Dec.

7 at the restaurant Bagatelle during a "Real Housewives" event.

Following film appearances and an elevation to damehood in the 1970s, the character evolved to "Housewife and Superstar", then "Megastar" and finally "Gigastar".Starr wrote his first big hit based on those years, a show about the lives and loves of pretty, privileged students.He wanted to call it “Potomac, 20854.” But Fox executives thought it should be about someplace more recognizable.For the mini challenge, they must serve "some rich bitch reality realness." Using clear plastic tape, they give themselves "plastic surgery" and shoot a "stiff and unnatural" title sequence for the faux series the "Fake Housewives of Ru Paul's Drag Race." The winner of the mini challenge gets to pair up the teams for the main challenge: dance in pairs to mash ups (the tango vogue, the Charleston twerk, and the country robot) in half-man half-queen drag.On the runway, they are judged as pairs with the "worst" team lip syncing against each other.The character has been used to satirise the cult of celebrity, class snobbery, and prudishness and is often used by Humphries to poke fun at the political leaders and fashions of the times.