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One of my female employees back then thought that I was "a big pimp". Working 19-hour days doesn't really make for a social life and there's that issue of whether someone is just wanting to panhandle you for free food. When I was early on in college and tooling around on dating sites, that "my last semester of..." didn't fly, because that's just not good enough. I don't know many folks who don't work serious OT to get that kind of money here in Houston, but it's also a lot cheaper to live here, too. You really have to have something to toot your horn over unless you meet that someone that thinks you are the best thing since PB&J swirl in a jar no matter what. Granted, I got off my caboose and shed a spare tire, put some pieces of paper on the wall and I'm not socially retarded and dress well in public and have a full head of hair.