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Too much Burgundy, too much cocaine, and too much of her. Ever since my publicist hooked me up with this lew (what gentiles like me call lame jews) I have been enduring a never ending stream of this bullshit. Also, the first time we slept together, afterwards she asked me if that was how they did it in Venezuela. By the time she was going down on me in the bathroom closest to the Cy Twombly mural she felt we were closer than ever. Again, not a problem in itself, but instead of being like, slow down guy, she starts yelling, “Poopsikins! ” The first time she said it I was looking around for the camera. My agent talked me down after our first MOMA fight. “She’s a great girl, you just have to get to know her better. “Tao Lin makes me want to write the craziest things,” she screamed in St. She found an interview I’d done: Well, I said to myself, “What’s the title? feel words, extract the words from the songs, condense the record into a word or a couple of words, etc”.
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