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Due to the war which had raged between the central government and successionist rebels, the answer always came back no. Hence the local policy is one of pragmatism – akin to gays in the US military: don't ask, don't tell. And so we were told: we would leave to Hpakan on April 21.

And we were told: "Sorry, try again on April 28." A week later, we again called Yangon.The Thilawa Special Economic Zone - located on the outskirts of Yangon - is the first Special Economic Zone (SEZ) built in Myanmar, and had become fully (commercially) operational in September 2015.Inside Thilawa SEZ, (where) both (the) hard and soft infrastructure - from roads and utilities to supporting services such as maintenance - are developed up to the international standard.Already it has been four long days since leaving Mandalay; when we will reach our destination is still uncertain. Unlike nephrite, jadeite occurred in emerald-green shades. Hughes) In Myanmar, it is considered bad form to inquire about arrival times, and there are good reasons for this.Nevertheless, we are unfazed, our spirits are high. The people of the Middle Kingdom were smitten, head over heels in love with something that came only from one remote locality in Upper Burma. Figure 1 Traveling in Burma's restricted areas inevitably means dealing with the military, who look upon all foreigners, but particularly the press, as something to be scrutinized. The country's transportation network is, in a word, bad, operating just slightly above the stall speed of a bicycle.Tracing the Green Line: A Journey to Burma’s Jade Mines by Richard W. Thet Oo It is morning in Hweka, deep in northern Burma's Kachin State. We had come to these jungles to follow the green line to its source, in search of jade – what the Chinese call the "stone of heaven." Up until 200 years ago, jade meant nephrite, a tough, white to spinach-green stone that was the ideal canvas for China's stone carvers.