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They NEVER really get wordy vocabularies, and many never speak. There are so many related areas to explore, here are some personal thoughts / words.Language must be ignited early, but once it is it can grow... I wish there were more emphasis on notion of Symbols rather than Words per se.This is because human language is modality-independent.

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Susan Schaller believes that the best idea she ever had in her life had to do with an isolated young man she met one day at a community college.

He was 27-years-old at the time, and though he had been born deaf, no one had ever taught him to sign. One morning, neurologist Jill Bolte Taylor woke up with a headache. Just sensory intake, and an all-encompassing feeling of joy. And Ann Senghas, Associate Professor of Psychology at Barnard, has spent the last 30 years helping to decode it.

A blood vessel then burst inside her left hemisphere, and silenced all the brain chatter in her head. In 1978, 50 deaf children entered a newly formed school--a school in which the teachers (who didn't sign) taught in Spanish. Another interesting avenue of pursuit, about how humans are hardwired for speech like Nicaraguan Sign Language, is feral people.

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