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I am having metal prints made so there is no matting or white space, so I considered printing small (2"x3.5") stickers to place on the back of the images.

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Didion paints uneasy and somber images when describing the Santa Ana winds. some unnatural stillness, some tension,” starts the essay off with the image of Los Angeles people in a sense of stillness or tense....

[tags: Didion Los Angeles Notebook Essays] - Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services has been struggling to accomplish a well organized computer system that was supposed to minimize the work of the employees, minimize the consumption of paper, decrease the number of errors and make the service for the customer faster.

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: What Harris has learned from being around so many international players with the Nuggets.

: Harris continuing to play football through his senior year of high school.

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- Los Angeles; A Diverse Metropolis People always wonder why the City of Angels is different from other cities.

This paper will answer this question and explain the uniqueness that makes L. A.” Los Angeles, since its birth as an embryonic city, has become one of the most diverse metropolises, offering to the public what no other city can.

: Tom Izzo joining Harris for lunch in the high school cafeteria while recruiting him.

: The benefits of playing multiple sports growing up to avoid burnout.