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Symptoms of avoidance and emotional numbing may include: Trying to avoid thinking or talking about the traumatic event Feeling emotionally numb Avoiding activities you once enjoyed Hopelessness about the future Memory problems Trouble concentrating Difficulty maintaining close relationships Symptoms of anxiety and increased emotional arousal may include: Irritability or anger Overwhelming guilt or shame Self-destructive behavior, such as drinking too much Trouble sleeping Being easily startled or frightened Hearing or seeing things that aren’t there Post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms can come and go.

You may have more post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms when things are stressful in general, or when you run into reminders of what you went through.

In following up with the last blog, I would like to add another factor that may well be involved with what is behind a lack of effort problem.

What often goes unacknowledged is the trauma that can come with a divorce or a break-up.

(scroll past discussion to end of article for full list of 50 items) In my experience, PTSD causes an extreme amount of stress, not only for the partner who has PTSD but for both partners as well as children and extended family members if there are any in the picture.

Both partners may suffer from a sense of exhaustion because PTSD burns up energy like nothing else.

Post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms are generally grouped into three types: intrusive memories, avoidance and numbing, and increased anxiety or emotional arousal (hyper-arousal).

While PTSD is usually associated with natural disasters, real physical danger, and war, it can be a side effect of a very stressful break-up.

Symptoms of intrusive memories may include: Flashbacks, reliving the traumatic event for minutes or even days at a time, upsetting dreams about the traumatic event.

Boyfriend Speaks – My Detachment and Avoidance Impact him the Most.

When I asked my boyfriend what he thought the worst things were about being in a relationship with someone with PTSD he mentioned the following: Sleeping A Lot.