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C) method of dating biological material was developed by the American physicist Willard Libby in the mid-20th century.

He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for that achievement.

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* Carbon 14 in Dinosaurs at the American Geophysical Conference in Singapore: On how to date a dinosaur, Real Science Radio's Bob Enyart interviews Hugh Miller, a member of the international scientific team that presented at the 2012 AGU geophysical conference in Singapore, the carbon dating results from five respected laboratories around the world of bones from ten dinosaurs (from the Gobi Desert in China, from Europe, Alaska, Texas, and Montana). Yet each of these dinosaurs had plenty of radiocarbon (as expected in that virtually every relevant peer-reviewed paper on the topic confirms the presence of endogenous soft tissue in fossils; see Dinosaur Soft

But when an ordinary person sees an apparent pterosaur flying overhead, the impression is overwhelming.

From the book Data from the 128 sighting reports demonstrates no significant number of hoaxes could have been involved.

Until recent years, however, it was rarely used with any dinosaur bones, for most Western scientists had long assumed that all dinosaurs and pterosaurs had become extinct many millions of years ago.

If the old assumptions were correct, it would seem pointless to try to date a fossil of such a creature by the radiocarbon process, for no C would be expected to still exist in it.