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Dating as a single dad is now easier than ever because it’s no longer taboo for a woman to date, get into a relationship or even marry a single dad.

In fact, according to a recent scientific study, single dads are who have a good relationship with their children are 30% more likely to find themselves in new long-term relationship than single guys.

Many great, available men are seen as less than desirable partners because they have children from a previous relationship.

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Show an interest in who his children are as people without trying to take control of their hobbies or life. Don’t compete with the other parent You are not a replacement for their mother, and you are not in a competition with her. Appreciation will come over time, but it will never come if they see you as a rival of their mother.

Firstly because it was expected of them (marriage was forbidden and in the USA in 1900 for example, the divorce rate was less than 10%) and secondly, “for the sake of the children.” Back in the old days, there was no internet to connect with old flames and premarital sex was forbidden, so single dads were one of the rarest things on the planet (i.e.

it would happen in the mother died while giving birth). In today’s world, an estimated 50% of children end up spending at least some part of their childhood living in a single-parent household as a result of a separation, divorce or an out-of-marriage birth.

He owes his allegiance to his children, FIRST And that’s a good thing.

A dad who lives and breathes his kids’ lives is a mature adult who has got his priorities straight.