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Plus, you deal with the awkwardness of sitting with a stranger who’s a complete creep or is nothing like you hoped.

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JOURNALIST Samantha Brick has caused worldwide debate with her brag of being too beautiful for men to resist - and too attractive for women to like.

Samantha, 41, who is married to a Frenchman and lives in the Lot regularly writes for The Connexion.

Now Katy Perry and the French male model Baptiste Giabiconi are dabbling in it. They have experienced the headiness, the confusion, and the utter wonderfulness that comes when us expats dip our toes into the French dating pool.

Without a doubt, there is an undeniable allure in falling in love with someone French.

I think most women would agree with me that French men have a "" that makes them irresistible.

Beware of guys who are looking for a ‘2 for 1’ bonus of sex with you and free English classes. if your Spanish level isn´t great, you could end up dating a boring loser and not even realize until he has cleared out a drawer for you in the wardrobe of his mum´s house where he lives.

Spanish men typically are still living at home until well into their 30s so his mum is likely to be the queen of his world (who irons his pants and gives him a Tupperware to take to the office).

I avoided this by always trying to choose men whose family lived in another city, or preferably another country. 2 - Take a dictionary Photo of a man with a dictionary: Shutterstock At intercambios (language exchanges) you won´t just be swapping your mother tongues.

He is known worldwide through his film performances in I know, This is actually a weird choice for many.

I am not blind and I don't think of Gerard Depardieu as a beauty icon, I know that he is by no means a handsome hero but if you have ever seen him playing (in French original version) you will understand why there was not a better choice for the character and why so many women are mad about him.