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is a fictional character and the main protagonist in the American comedy-drama "Scrubs," played by Zach Braff. becomes a visiting professor at Winston University, a medical school built on the old site of Sacred Heart, which has been torn down.D.'s personality left to be explored, except for his relationship with best friend Christopher Turk, while Lawrence has stated that the seventh season was to show J. finally growing up, in order to satisfy many fans who did not want to see him stay the same. When this happens, he tilts his head back and to his left, blankly looking upwards. After a deeply depressed Cox shows up to work drunk, J. refuses to see him, claiming that he does not approve of Cox's behavior. — and, atypically, calls him by his real name — for helping him forgive himself and get on with his life. The pair continue to be roommates even as they progress to become interns and residents. By their own admission, their relationship is a "bromance." In the first episode, when Turk suggests the two of them seek separate apartments to "branch out," J.NBC finnally pulled the plug on the series after the conclusion of its seventh season after being ranked the 115 most watched show of the entire 2007-2008 television season. Mc Ginley), and Turk (Don Faison) teaching at a medical school. ABC would come to the rescue and pick the comedy up for an eighth season.

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A Ghigau had a voice and vote in General Council, leadership of the Woman's Council, the honor of preparing and serving the ceremonial Black Drink, the duty of ambassador of peace-negotiator, and the right to save the life of a prisoner already condemned to execution. Bean, who was captured in an attack on illegal white settlements on the Watauga (wah tah oo gah) River. Bean taught Nan'yehi such skills as spinning, weaving, and the raising of animals, which Nan'yehi in turn taught the rest of the Cherokee.

The two form a romantic relationship in the first season, He has had romantic and sexual liaisons with various women besides Elliot, including Dr.

Cox's ex-wife Jordan Sullivan (Christa Miller), and Jordan's younger sister Danni Sullivan (Tara Reid). Kim Briggs (Elizabeth Banks), the hospital's new urologist, and they are immediately attracted to each other.

Despite his numerous mistakes, quirks and personal neurosis, J. is shown throughout the series to be a very skilled doctor. begins work at Sacred Heart under Attending Physician Dr. Their friendship is often depicted as being closer and more loving than a marriage; they sum up their feelings in the song "Guy Love": "It's Guy Love/That's all it is/It's Guy Love/He's mine, I'm his/There's nothing gay about it in our eyes." He meets and forms a connection with Elliot Reid (Sarah Chalke) in the pilot episode and finds himself attracted to her. They both then said that the almost-kiss had nothing to do with their feelings for each other. This is punctuated by an extremely awkward morning ritual in front of Elliot's class where J. kisses her stomach for every month she is pregnant and says "and thank you for making mommy's boobs bigger"; Elliot then puts her breasts on his head. However, Piggy and the Scrubs cast finally break the fourth wall, with the actors portraying themselves.

He is described as having compassion for his patients, and a lot of determination and enthusiasm for his job. In seasons 1 to 3, a running joke in the series was that J. would sleep with Elliot at least once in each season, although the show's producers have indicated that this ended to prevent the characters' development being constrained by clichés.