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Stone clay dating

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t takes approximately two minutes of speaking to Andrew Dice Clay before he starts a routine. You know how you got to do it – the Dice is now home in L. where it's close to 90 degrees – a temperature shift he calls his "reward" after facing the Big Apple's 40-degree blizzard – and he's in a good mood.

"I was just in New York," he says in the same stentorian, street-tough voice that narrated his filthiest nursery rhymes at a sold-out Madison Square Garden in 1990. This past Sunday his new sitcom, , premiered on Showtime and the first season's entire six-episode run became available via the network's on-demand portals. revolves around the wedding of two gay men, and one of the grooms says he doesn't like you because of your act.

And the project is becoming ever more fascinating as archeologists continue uncovering additional fragments while sifting through the Stone Age garbage pit.

One fragment, which extends from the left calf to the pelvis, appears to be part of a female statue; Adonis, apparently, had a girlfriend.

Sculptors have carefully recreated the curve of the figure's buttocks and other anatomical minutiae are also clearly visible.

Archeologist Harald Staeuble is amazed at the detail. The find is clearly a remarkable one -- and is the oldest clay figure ever found anywhere in the world.

Like detectives finding clues to solve a mystery, scientists called archaeologists uncover artifacts and then make guesses about the ancient people who left them.

By comparing this light output with that produced by known doses of radiation, the amount of radiation absorbed by the material may be found.

Most mineral materials, including the constituents of pottery, have the property of thermoluminescence (TL), where part of the energy from radioactive decay in and around the mineral is stored (in the form of trapped electrons) and later released as light upon strong heating (as the electrons are detrapped and combine with lattice ions).

People lived in Missouri for thousands of years before Europeans first arrived. Three regions converge in Missouri providing a rich and diverse environment: the Great Plains, the Ozark Mountains, and the Eastern Woodlands.

Large rivers such as the Missouri, Osage, Meramec, and Mississippi provided ancient people with abundant resources, as well as a means of transportation.