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It's been one month since the world watched boxing world champions, Floyd Mayweather, Jr.and Manny Pacquiao in "The Fight of the Century." The match grossed 0 million in pay-per-view revenue and turned out to be the highest grossing pay-per-view event in history, which shows how much people really do enjoy a good fight. I was married for almost nine years to a good woman and we tried. After my divorce, I spent a couple of years lost, hurt and confused.However, we are socially conditioned from an early age to utilize reason rather than trusting our gut, especially if there is enough time to analyze the situation. 4 March 2009In this episode of "The Tyra Banks Show", Tyra hosts a toga party to celebrate the launch of "America's Next Top Model".She invites special guests to talk about how to audition for ANTM. The answers were different, but the stories were the same. Not just a bad one-nighter, but a real "I should have known better. I started asking my buddies, then strangers about their relationship choices. Most people have at least one story about a bad choice.

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We turn our back on our inner wisdom and listen to what people tell us rather than using our sixth sense. You might think love is complicated, but when you use your instincts you’ll see it’s simple. We often know when a partner is lying to us, even if every logical sign is to the contrary.

Tyra brings Michelle Mock, the casting director on stage and lets Michelle hand-select three finalists who will be receiving golden tickets to the New York auditions.

8 November 2005Special about Tyra's celebrity "Drag Force", a team of drag queens who give makeovers to women and men.

Follow my steps for getting in touch with your intuition and you’ll be able to mind-read your dates and suss out the Mr Rights and Mr Wrongs — and find a partner who is perfect for you . The problem arises when we choose to ignore these feelings.

‘I knew something wasn’t right from the start,’ my client will tell me, a month after her date has run off with her best friend.