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Updating inverted file index using multi tier

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Cscope can be a particularly useful tool if you need to wade into a large code base.

You can save yourself a lot of time by being able to do fast, targeted searches rather than randomly grepping through the source files by hand (especially since grep starts to take a while with a truly large code base). For the rest of this tutorial, I'll assume you've downloaded Linux 2.4.18 and installed it into .

Note While the writer is open and during the commit, the index is still available for reading. the field type) can be passed any pickle-able object.

updating inverted file index using multi tier-56

Let’s look at the diagrammatic representation of Lucene search indexing.

A few other good references on file structures are Roberts[2], Bertziss[3], Dodd[4], and Climenson[5].

Logical or physical organisation and data independence There is one important distinction that must be made at the outset when discussing file structures.

For example, let’s say we have two documents, each with a Term Doc_1 Doc_2 ------------------------- Quick | | X The | X | brown | X | X dog | X | dogs | | X fox | X | foxes | | X in | | X jumped | X | lazy | X | X leap | | X over | X | X quick | X | summer | | X the | X | ------------------------.

Our user could reasonably expect both documents to match the query. If we normalize the terms into a standard format, then we can find documents that contain terms that are not exactly the same as the user requested, but are similar enough to still be relevant.