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“[Terence] has a lot riding on Kyle, who’s the face of the Institute.When we meet Kyle, he’s coming out of a really bad public breakup.

Gordon just turned 26, but it's becoming harder by the day to imagine him ever being the player he was before the suspensions started rolling in.‘s similarity to Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes‘ relationship: “I understand the initial comparisons to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’s relationship and the Scientology tie-in…The show is unique, Tom was alot older than Katie, and Katie was famous in her own right.It’s a show about contract marriages and of course no one knows for sure if they were in one….It's little more than a philosophical exercise right now, as Gordon is verging on Justin Blackmon territory.It could be a sign that Gordon isn't putting forth his best efforts to get back into the NFL despite applying for reinstatement in March.But I feel like when people watch [the show], they’re going to … There are a lot of differences between Tom and Katie and Kyle and Megan — Tom’s older, Katie had a career.” In “The Arrangement,” Kyle first meets Megan as she’s auditioning for the female lead in his summer blockbuster.