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Why dating a coworker is a bad idea

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Sure, there’s a chance you’ll get hurt and have to see each other a bunch, but that’s a risk you take with almost anyone you date who isn’t a total stranger.Plus, I really dig the idea of earning a few bucks an hour while you fall in love!Read what we think and then let us know: is dating someone you work with ever a good idea?Julie Says: There’s Nothing Wrong With It Work is where you spend a whole lot of your time. If you’re responsible about it and you’re not your boo’s boss (or the other way around), it really shouldn’t be a problem.You really get to know the characters and then, once they meet, it’s magical.I use the word ‘magical,’ because as a culture, when it comes to romance, we have a great attachment to the significance of meetings.

For others, at an after-work-event for the first time they see a relaxed, funny, or witty side of a coworker that suddenly makes that person attractive.You might choose to keep it clandestine, or you might decide to shout it from the rooftops but whatever you choose, there are other people intimately involved in this situation who need to be considered too – namely, your co-workers and your boss.Dating a co-worker can lead to long-lasting love but only if you proceed wisely and with care.Some of my friends who have dated at work are warning me not to mix business and pleasure, but I figure we’re both grown-ups.Is there any real reason not to give it a shot, as far as potential impact on my career or professional standing?Is your partner complaining that they don't get to see you enough? When they tell you all about how "Jessica is pissed at Brad because he threw her under the bus and ratted her out to her manager" you know what (and who) they're talking about. One of your "lunch breaks" was actually a "fuck break" and it made the second half of your workday so much more bearable.6.